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  • The Sunken Treasures from Egypt and Abyssinia

    This ship had been especially chartered by a famous, but also controversial explorer returning to Europe after a 18 long years voyage of discoveries through Abyssinia, Middle East and Asia. All the fruits of his ventures had been loaded on this ship who was finally lost en route with all her contents.
  • Loss of l'Aimable Marthe returning from Senegal

    This story is about the loss of L’Aimable Marthe, on the coast of Wales, in the year 1786, from the account of one of the passenger, M. Durand, formerly Governor of Isle Saint Louis
  • The loss of the Albion in China

    The "Albion", captain James Robertson was burnt at Whampoa in China, in December 1807 and under the following circumstances...
  • Dreadfull loss of the Amazon by fire

    Terrible news of the destruction of the Royal Mail Steamer and loss of 115 lives.
  • La catastrophe du paquebot l'Anadyr dans la rade d'Aden

    Le 11 juillet, à 5 heures du matin, le steamer "Anadyr", paquebot-poste francais des Messageries Maritimes de 3547 tonnes, de Marseille pour la Chine, a été abordé et coulé en rade d’Aden par "l’Oxus", de la même compagnie, par une mer complètement calme, les pilotes étant à bord.
  • A clipper ship on fire

    The Bombay clipper "Ardaseer", of 450 tons, under my command, was destroyed by fire on the night of the 10th instant. We were on a voyage from China and Singapore for Calcutta, with a rich general cargo, besides a large quantity of treasure.
  • Javanese antiques lost at sea

    By the arrival of the Danish brig Sovereign, Capt. Boyle, we have the mournful news of the loss of the Dutch ship Arinus Marinus, Capt. Langveld...
  • British Gold lost in the North Sea

    The Dutch steamer Batavier V from the Batavier Line was built by Gourlay Bros & Co., Dundee, Scotland in 1903. She could carry 72 first and second class passengers and 325 deck passengers.
  • Destruction of the steamer Bavaria by fire off the east coast of America

    The Herald says: The English bark 'Dorothea Thompson', Captain Frostick, from Oporto to St. Helen’s, S.C., arrived last night, bringing the passengers, officers and crew of the steamship 'Bavaria', Captain Williams, bound from New Orleans for Liverpool, and burned at sea on February 6th.
  • Burning and heavy loss of life in the river steamer

    This fine steamer of 400 tons, carrying 150 souls, which plied on the Ganges between Calcutta and Benares, has been totally destroyed by fire...
  • World War II lost silver

    The Benvrackie was a steam merchant ship built in 1922 by D. & W. Henderson & Co Ltd, Partrick, Glasgow as Darian for F. Leyland & Co Ltd, Liverpool. In 1934, she was sold to Charente SS Co Ltd (T. & J. Harrison) Liverpool and in 1939, was renamed Benvrackie for the Ben Line Steamers (William Thomson & Co), Leith. She
  • Austalian gold lost at sea...

    Foundering and loss of the First class Australian clipper ship "Blue Jacket" of 1442 tons, Captain White, from Queenstown (Australia) to London and a cargo of 4646 bales of wool, 51 bales cotton, plus 16.000 ounces of gold in specie and gold bullion shipped by the Bank of New Zealand.
  • Another P&O steamer lost, the Bokhara

    n response to the message dispatched by Sir Thomas Sutherland, Chairman of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, to the agents of the company at Shangaï and Hong Kong, asking for the fullest particulars respecting the wreck of the steamship “Bokhara”, together with a list of the drowned and the names of
  • A Titanic before the time...The liner La Bourgogne

    The French passenger liner La Bourgogne, from the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, sank after a collision with the British ship Cromartyshire, in dense fog, 60 miles south of Sable Island near Nova Scotia, in the Atlantic, on 4th July 1898.
  • Loss of sycee silver from the Christina

    A letter from Bombay dated October 31st, 1842, gives the melancholy account of the loss of the 3-masted ship "Christina", captain Birkett, on the way from Macao to Hong Kong.
  • Loss of a Pacific Mail steamer

    The loss of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company City of Rio de Janeiro was one of the outstanding disasters on the western seaboard of the United States.
  • Fatal wreck of an East Indian mail steamer

    A serious addition to the losses of the mercantile marine during the year has been made by the wreck of the Peninsular & Oriental Company's steamer "Colombo" on the island of Minicoy, in the state of Travancore.
  • Le cuivre et l'argent de la Corinne

    Je suis parti de Valparaiso le 26 décembre avec un chargement composé de métaux, cuirs vert, cafés, grains de luzerne et espèces monnayées.
  • Rocher fatal pour un navire à hélice britannique

    On a reçu au Lloyd de nouvelles informations touchant la regrettable perte du puissant navire le "Czar", navire en fer, lancé à Hull, en Angleterre, de 937 tonneaux et qui a naufragé en vue du Lizard, le 23 janvier, après avoir heurté Vogue Rock.
  • Valuables lost in a noble ship

    Another shipping disaster with the unfortunate Earl Moira
  • An English pirate ship in Indonesian waters

    The "Forbes", Captain Frazer Sinclair, sailed from Calcutta bound to the Eastward on a trading voyage with a cargo of opium, piece goods and iron; returning home laden with a profit to a considerable amount about 2 A.M then going at the rate of 5 knots, she struck on a reef of rocks at the Southern entrance of the stra
  • An Indian ship lost with treasure

    The Fyz-Ool-Rahimanee, belonging to Mahommud Ally Khan of Bombay, bound to Bengal, sailed on the 8th instant, under the command of captain Boles.
  • A steamer laden with rich African produce

    Loss of the Gambia, British and African Steam Navigation Company steamer, with a large cargo and treasure
  • Another disaster. The Georgia lost by fire !

    On Saturday, 1st of April 1842, intelligence of the loss by fire of this fine Indiaman ship of Newcastle, Captain Mitchell, Bound to London...
  • Total destruction by fire of a luxurious paddle steamer

    Intelligence has been received of the destruction by fire of the American paddle steamer "Golden Gate" of 2850 tons, while on her voyage from San Francisco to Panama. She was a very large and powerful steamer.
  • Another 'Lutine' in the Yarmouth roads...

    There is a small cutter now lying in Yarmouth roadstead belonging to a man named Bell. Her crew consists of six men, several of whom are singularly expert in diving.
  • A bord, la femme de l'ambassadeur du sultan à Bombay

    Perte sans ressource du navire anglais Hydrabad, avec à bord de nombreux passagers, dont la femme de l'ambassadeur du sultan.
  • Hurricane and loss of the Jamaica

    After describing the hurricane of the 9th of August 1814, and a narrow escape from having perished, in consequence of running foul of another vessel, the writer proceeds
  • Torpedoing of the treasure liner Laconia

    The British liner Laconia, 18099 tons, captain Irvine, belonging to the Cunard Steamship Company of Liverpool, was retuning from New York to the United Kingdom, when she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-50, on 25th February 1917, at 9 p
  • Gold and silver specie from Chile lost on the Irish coast

    Intelligence has been received of another most disastrous wreck on the south-west coast of Ireland, by which the loss of nine lives has been caused and property to a very considerable amount destroyed.
  • Perte corps et biens de la goêlette de l'Etat la Légère

    Nous avons la douleur d’annoncer un affreux sinistre pour la marine militaire française. La goélette de l’état la "Légère", Capitaine Moisson, attachée au service local de la Martinique, a sombré sous voiles, le 13 juin à quatre heures du matin, en se rendant de Fort de France à la Trinité.
  • Sunken and buried treasures in a remote Pacific island

    Intelligence has been received from Hong Kong of the total loss of the Bremen barque "Libelle", Captain Tobias, while on a voyage to that port from San Francisco, having on board a valuable cargo and specie to the amount of a little less than $ 100.000 and a number of passengers, among whom were Madame Anna Bishop, the
  • Disparition mystérieuse du navire Madagascar

    Disparition dans un voyage de Port Philip (Australie) à destination de Londres sous le commandement du Capitaine Harris. Le navire s'est perdu corps et biens avec 80 passagers à bord et une large quantité d'or (environ 4.500.000 d'Euro aujourd'hui) et de l'argent.
  • Francs en or du Sénégal, perdus dans le naufrage

    On vient de nous apprendre à l'instant que le brick la Magdeleine, capitaine Broman, s'est perdu sur la côte de Bonne Anse, à minuit, dans son voyage du Sénégal à destination de Bordeaux. L'équipage était composé de de huit hommes et de quatre passagers.
  • Terrible and fatal collision off Liverpool

    Captain Sadler and eight of his crew perished by the disaster, as the Mary Scott sunk in a few minutes after the collision occurred.
  • New Zealand gold lost at sea

    We beg to hand for the information of the public a correct list of the passengers who embarked on board the Matoaka...
  • Une catastrophe maritime à l'entrée du Bosphore

    Un désastre regrettable sous tous les rapports vient de frapper la marine égyptienne.
  • Des lingots d'or engloutis en Mer de Chine

    On a reçu vendredi dernier au Lloyd la nouvelle de l'incendie à Menam, en Chine, du navire "Neptune" de 1000 tonneaux.
  • More Australian gold lost at sea...!

    This First class Australian clipper ship of 1124 tons, captain Gray, was en her way from Brisbane to London. She was Burnt down and abandoned at sea on 22nd of avril 1869, in 28° south, 43° west.
  • Gold lost in the river

    The American papers give an account of a dreadful accident to the steamer "Orville St John", one of the most elegant in service. She was burnt down about four miles below Montgomery, on the river Alabama, on the 5th of March, 1850.
  • Gold on the SS Pacific

    The paddle steamer "Pacific" of 875 tons left Victoria, B.C, for San Francisco with 238 passengers on board, under the command of Captain Howell.
  • Loss of bullions in the collision between the steamers Pasha and Erin

    Intelligence has been received from Batavia of a fatal accident off Formosa shoal, in the Straits of Malacca, from a collision between two of the Peninsular and Orient Company's steamers, on the night of 21st July, 1851.
  • The collision of the clipper Planet

    The Aberdeen clipper ship "Planet" was a vessel of 700 tons burden which left Shangai on her homeward bound voyage.
  • The loss of the Turkish steamer Silistria

    The Ottoman steamer Silistria left Alexandria for Contantinople with 350 passengers Christians and Muslims on board.
  • Another Royal Mail Packet ship lost

    The most painful sensation was caused on Sunday last by the intelligence of the loss of the Solway, Royal West Indian mail steamship of 1700 tons, on the 7th of April, 1843, on her outward passage, 15 miles from Corunna and the sacrifice of a number of lives, including that of her esteemed commander Captain Duncan.
  • The treasures of the French vessel la Vierge du Bon Port

    This East Indiaman is probably one of the richest French vessel ever lost at sea and never found… Yet !
  • Loss of the steamer Viscaya off New Jersey coast

    Intelligence has reached the public of the collision between the Spanish steamer Viscaya, Captain Francisco Cunill, 1.900 tons, from the Spanish Transatlantic Company and the schooner Cornelius Hardgraves off the coast of New Jersey, on 30th of October, 1890
  • The sunken European and Chinese antiques cargo

    The cargo ship from the Company Furness & Whity and Co, of 5148 tons, was en route from London to New York and lost on a mine on the 7th December 1941 at 10.25 A.M