Gold lost in the river

Gold dust in the river - The "Orville Saint John"

By Pascal Kainic

Dreadful steamboat accident in America

The American papers give an account of a dreadful accident to the steamer "Orville St John", one of the most elegant in service. She was burnt down about four miles below Montgomery, on the river Alabama, on the 5th of March, 1850.

She was on her way from Mobile to Montgomery and it supposed that there were 120 persons on board, many of whom leaped into the river and were drowned, others perished in the flames, and others were crushed by the guards of the boat falling.

The ladies threw themselves into the river and most of those on board were burnt. The only article that was saved from the vessel was the trunk of Colonel Preston.

There were a number of returned Californians as passengers, who lost their all. Colonel Rodman Price, of the United States navy, agent from California, lost his baggage with which was $ 250.000 belonging to the Government.

In addition to the money lost by Mr. Price, there was $ 10.000 belonging to Mr. Knowland, and a large sum by Mr. Schmidt.

The loss is considerable. A large portion of the sum in charge of Mr. Price was gold dust in the safe and was expected to be recovered. Another account supposes there were 50 lives lost and $ 600.000

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