Treasure-laden Roman shipwreck recovered

Port of Carthagena (Spain)

By Holly Bishop - GB News

Treasure has been uncovered from a shipwreck dating back to the Roman-era, which was recovered after 17 centuries on the ocean floor.

The trading ship, which was carrying cargos of oil, wine, and fish sauces, was recovered near a tourist beach on the Spanish Mediterranean island of Mallorca in 2019.

Now, archaeologists have recovered 300 amphorae, a form of ancient ceramic jar or vase, decorated with more than 100 painted inscriptions, alongside coins and shoes from the wreck dating from the 4th century.

Previous research suggested that the ship, known as the Ses Fontanelles, originated near the Spanish port of Cartagena.

Analysis from archaeologists has theorised that the vessel was likely heading for modern-day Italy.

The circumstances of its sinking are unknown.

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