New Zealand gold lost at sea

The "Matoaka"

From various newspapers - By Pascal Kainic

1869: "We beg to hand for the information of the public a correct list of the passengers who embarked on board the Matoaka, a vessel of 1092 tons, from Lyttelton, New Zealand to London, and has never since been heard of.

Family Grant, Miss catherine and sarah Kennaway, Dr. and Mrs Hiffe, Family Wilson, family Allison, Family Hancock, family Henry, family Hoskyns, family Hensley, Archibald Brown, W. coup, w.b. pusey, dr. evans, WS. Wildman, WC. cooksey, wh. moss and master wilson, In all, 50 passengers.

From the lenght of time which has now elapsed without any tidings being received of her, it is much to be feared that in whatever calamity may have happened to the vessel all on board have suffered.

She was commanded by captain Alfred Stevens, and carried a crew of 32 men.

Her route was to go by the Cape Horn and and the vessel was given up here as lost body and souls.

She was carrying a large cargo of wool, wheat and hemp and gold pound sterling to the amount of 50.000 covered by policies effected by the Union Bank.

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