The Sunken Treasures from Egypt and Abyssinia


The forgotten soldier-explorer's immense treasure

by Pascal Kainic

This ship had been especially chartered by a famous, but also controversial explorer returning to Europe after a 18 long years voyage of discoveries through Abyssinia, Middle East and Asia. All the fruits of his ventures had been loaded on this ship who was finally lost en route with all her contents.

Amongst various exotic goods was a consignment of 15 tons of silver coins; fine gold jewellery, precious stones, antiques from Petra (the mysterious city) and Egypt; cameos, precious statues in bronze, golden beetles, hieroglyphs, old inscriptions on bas-reliefs, and a whole library of books, manuscripts and works revealing amongst others, the Mysteries of Isis …

The shipwreck and all her contents are still lying in a bay, in shallow waters, untouched... Who will have the chance to discover this fantastic treasure wreck ? Archaeology should prevail on such an incredible cargo... Some mysteries could be revealed from the ancients...

The story comes from original archives, only known by a few people, but no group of salvors yet...

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1. treasures (link) 30/06/2012

Yes...! Many questions and answers to be given... This is a major project which needs serious and dedicated investor partners

It can only be an archaeological project as it is located in territorial waters.

We have a complete file on this project and wait for the right time (with the right people) to start it out.

2. randriamampandry 04/08/2011

Redéfinissez la carte topographique de ce temps. Il paraît que le bateau est maintenant sous le sable en terre ferme. Voyez avec la sédimentation sableuse éolienne.
J'ai lu l'histoire avec des spécialistes en cartographie et géologie. Ils ont embarqué sur les côtes Égyptiennes et ont fait naufrage pas en haute mer mais en bordure.

3. Duh! 25/01/2010

Sorry all. If it were in shallow water it would be gone by now unless storms washed it out to sea. If I had the location, I am not sure I would share it.

4. who cares 18/10/2009

is it perhaps near a group of islands in the indian ocean famous for another pirates loot?

5. Viky 26/08/2009

Who was the explorer and when did he live???
Which original archieves does it come from Pascal Kainic???
I'd like some more info if it's ok :))!!!!

6. jon 26/05/2009

all this information on the above wreck yet does anyone atleast know the name of the weck and where this information came from?

7. fredrik 03/03/2009

the story says they went back to europe after being in asia and they also got antique treasures from Egypt, if you take a look at a map over africa you see that, if they came from asia they must have taken the way through indian ocean and then the atlantic ocean, i think the shipwreck is somewhere in mediterranean sea or north-west of the african shore

8. katherine cafaro 02/02/2009

how do they know it is in shallow bay water if they donot know where it is?

9. pieter 20/01/2009

does anyone know where the boat sunk.did anyone try to find it yet.


10. gla 17/08/2008

any idea where it sank?

11. will 16/06/2008

where is it said to be

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