Destruction of the steamer Bavaria by fire off the east coast of America


The "Bavaria" on fire

The Herald says: The English bark 'Dorothea Thompson', Captain Frostick, from Oporto to St. Helen’s, S.C., arrived last night, bringing the passengers, officers and crew of the steamship 'Bavaria', Captain Williams, bound from New Orleans for Liverpool, and burned at sea on February 6th.

The cargo of the 'Bavaria' consisted of 4,356 bales of cotton, 1,000 barrels of resin, and 269,000 Mexican dollars. The officers, passengers and crew left the ship with nothing but what they stood in. The petty officers, cook, waiters, firemen and crew, numbered forty one in all.

They are all well...

Could it be one of a big American salvage company's projects ?

The Mexican dollars could represent more than 8 tons of silver... But surely in deep water.

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  • Sarah Renfro
    • 2. Sarah Renfro On 30/05/2011
    I would like to know more about the baravia shipweck. You didn't mention a year, what year did they set sail from New Orleans? Please send me any info you may have.

  • Hank Fannin
    • 3. Hank Fannin On 22/03/2011
    How do I go about getting more info on the Steamship Baravia.

  • elle
    • 4. elle On 20/07/2010
    yes tell more i want to go find it!!
  • Glademir Coelho
    • 5. Glademir Coelho On 17/04/2010
    Sou radiestesista sensitivo para metais. Consigo localizar naufragio com tesouro pesquisando na costa ou litoral. Procuro equipe para pesquisa.
  • Callum H
    • 6. Callum H On 10/11/2009
    I am looking to learn more about treasure hunting, particularly marine treasure hunting. First of all, is it possible to make a living out of treasure hunting in todays world, and is there really much treasure left to be hunted?

    Have you personally ran many expeditions to shipwrecks and if so, how much luck in finding loot have you had?

    Lastly, how have you come to know about these shipwrecks, and all the information on the site?

    Thankyou please do reply, and know that I'm very serious about taking up treasure hunting.
  • katherine cafaro
    • 7. katherine cafaro On 02/02/2009
    yes i would like to know more! I know that you do not [most likely] have the exact coordinates but which mainland did it sink nearest to? which ocean? and has it been seen since
  • Jonathan
    • 8. Jonathan On 31/10/2008
    269,000 Mexican dollars represent several tons of silver !!!

    With the nowadays price for precious metals it could be a good project, even tough I believe the coins have melted with the fire on board...

    What would be the price to sell your files ?
  • justin
    • 9. justin On 28/10/2008
    thats pretty cool
  • Duffy
    • 10. Duffy On 22/09/2008


    If they knew where the ship was wrecked was there wouldn't be any treasure.

  • jon
    • 11. jon On 04/07/2008
    are people right now down in the ocean trying to find it
  • le arthur
    • 12. le arthur On 03/07/2008
    First question. 1Where exactly was the ships location upon sinking? 2How much if it is really silver. Would it be worth today?
  • Justin Grant
    • 13. Justin Grant On 19/06/2008
    Is it known where this ship was wrecked?

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