Untold Archive Research

The treasure of the steamer "Bavaria"

The "Golden Scarab" Project

African gold from "L'Aimable Marthe"

The Spanish steamer "Viscaya"

The "Ardaseer" and her treasure

A cargo of jewellery lost at sea in the "Georgia"

The American liner "City of Rio de Janeiro"

Wrecking of the P&O steamer "Colombo"

Fire on the Royal Mail Packet "Amazon"

Gold & silver specie on the "Lady Charlotte"

Antiques in the "Welsh Prince"

La terrible perte du "Muphtahi Djehat"

Treasure from the "Albion"

The "Earl of Moira" with presents for the King

The loss of property on the "Benares"

The "Mary Scott" with gold & silver specie

La cargaison de munitions du "Czar"

"Orville St John", a steamboat with a golden cargo

Fire on the "Blue Jacket"with Australian gold

Foundering of the "Jamaica" and loss of jewels

L'or englouti du "Neptune"

Another fire on a gold clipper "Omar Pasha"

Loss of the majestuous Royal Mail ship "Solway"

"Guernsey Lily", Another "Lutine" ?

Fatal collision of the steamer "Pacific" with gold

"La Bourgogne", A Titanic before the Titanic ?

Disparition du "Madagascar" avec de l'or

The lost silver sycee from the "Christina"

"La Légère", goelette de l'Etat coulée à fond

The "Laconia: a lost liner with silver bars

Les trésors de "l'Anadyr", paquebot-poste français

Chinese curiosities lost in the clipper "Planet"

Lost ivory and gold of the "Gambia"

The Dramatic loss of la "Vierge du Bon Port"

Treasure lost in the P&O steamer "Bokhara"

The "Libelle" and her lost treasures

Lost bullion and coins in "the Pasha" steamer

The silver bars & treasures of the "Corinne"

Specie and gold bullion from the "Golden Gate" steamer

The lost gold cases of the steamer "Batavier V"

Lost booty from the "Forbes" English trader and pirate

Gold French francs lost in the "Magdeleine"

More than 28 tons of silver in the "Benvrackie"

A lost treasure chest in the "Fyz-Ool-Rahimanee"

"L'Hydrabad" et la femme de l'ambassadeur du sultan

L' abbé Saunière

- Le trésor de Rennes-le-Château -