Rust in peace: Stunning shipwrecks captured on camera around the world

One of the motorbikes found inside the hold of HMS Thistlegorm, which was sunk in the Red Sea by German bombers in 1941. The bikes were bound for British troops

From the Daily Mail

An intrepid British photographer has travelled the world snapping pictures of the bizarre things lying on the sea bed.

Diving enthusiast Alex Mustard, 36, has made many strange discoveries while exploring beneath the water's surface.

His pictures, taken while investigating the insides of eerie shipwrecks, include barnacle-covered motorbikes once meant for British troops in World War Two.

Rusty British trucks also lie forgotten in their watery graves along with rifles that have never been used, and one extraordinary photo even shows the shell of the iconic VW Beetle car.

Alex, from Southampton, Hampshire, said: 'Wrecks attract divers because of the incongruity of seeing something from above the waves beneath them.

'The VW Beetle was purposely sunk for divers and it's particularly bizarre - it's the last thing you would expect to sea underwater.



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