National Maritime Museum Cornwall set for new polar exploration exhibition

The Endurance, locked in the ice 
Photo SPRI

By Ralph Gifford - Culture 24

With bitterly cold winters becoming increasingly common, the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth is opening a new polar exhibition celebrating Polar adventurers.

Aptly named On Thin Ice: Pioneers of Polar Exploration, the exhibition has been developed with the help of the Polar Museum in Cambridge and will open on April 8.

The exhibition focuses on the historic and modern-day achievements of polar pioneers by using photography, artefacts, equipment and personal ephemera highlighting group achievements and individual feats of endurance.

Ben Lumby, Exhibitions Manager at National Maritime Museum Cornwall, says that the UK has played a major role in the exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic.

“We are working with the Scott Polar Research Institute, the British Antarctic Survey and a number of famed polar explorers to deliver an exhibition that brings home these remarkable achievements,” says Ben.


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