Underwater museum of Alonissos opens soon

The Peristera Shipwreck

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The underwater archaeological site off the island of Alonissos, the Peristera Shipwreck, will open to visitors on June 1, 2021, the Greek Culture Ministry said in a statement.

The first underwater museum in Greece was inaugurated off  the coast of the island of Alonisos, Sporades, last summer. The Shipwreck Peristera is now the oldest marine archaeological site that can be visited.

The site with more than 5,000 intact antique amphorae.

The water museum of Alonisos with the famous amphorae shipwreck of 5th century BC opens its water gates for amateur divers and free diving divers in the summer months. The underwater museum is located on the site of the ancient shipwreck off the islet of Peristera, off its rocky shore on the West and at a depth of 28 meters.

The shipwreck was discovered by a fisherman in 1985.

The large merchant ship, probably an Athenian one, sank around 425 BC. It was loaded with wine amphorae from Mendi, an ancient city in Halkidiki, and Peparithos, today’s Skopelos. Both regions were famous in the antiquity for their wines.

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