Gold rush frenzy for nazi loot

Gold rush ... 18 boxes of Nazi gold buried in German lake, priest claims

From The Sun

Germany is in the grip of a Gold Rush sparked by a priest who says nearly 20 boxes of Nazi loot lie hidden in a lake. 

An army of treasure hunters have flocked to the site after a local 77-year-old priest claimed the precious metal was hidden somewhere under the surface.

A total of 18 boxes of pure gold were allegedly buried in lake Stolpsee, an hour from Berlin, by Polish workers at the request of notorious nazi Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering whose country retreat Carinhall was located nearby.

He emptied his home of prized valuables before ordering the home be razed with dynamite in the closing weeks of the Second World War as the Russian army marched on the capital.

It is said the men took the gold to the middle of the lake in inflatable boats to throw overboard.

But the boats were then allegedly shot and sank and the workers slaughtered with machine guns.

A mission to trawl the lake with SUBMARINES is being financed by a group of unidentified businessmen.

Previous attempts to find the gold have failed.

In 1986, East Germany's Stasi secret police boss Erich Mielke had the lake searched after a 'treasure map' was discovered that appeared to reveal the gold was hidden there.

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