Campaign to save world's oldest clipper ship

City of Adelaide

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The passenger ship City of Adelaide, which travelled between Australia and Britain, is lying in Irvine.

A firm has been appointed to review options for the future of the 145-year-old City of Adelaide, currently resting on a slipway in North Ayrshire. The Sunderland-built ship, which predates the Cutty Sark, took people and wool between Australia and Britain on 28 round trips.

Later known as the Carrick, it has been left to the elements at Irvine and could still face deconstruction for display in a museum. Campaigners are competing to re-float the vessel and take it to Australia or back to Sunderland.

Scottish Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop announced that Historic Scotland had commissioned a firm, DTZ, to review the category A-listed ship's options.

Ms Hyslop said: "The appointment of DTZ to carry out this review is a very positive step and will help us to determine the best outcome for the SV Carrick.

"There are several options to consider: whether the Carrick is moved to Sunderland, Adelaide in Australia or retained in a different location in Scotland. The alternative is a managed deconstruction of the vessel.

"Officials from Historic Scotland and the Scottish Government have held a wide range of discussions with a number of bodies and individuals regarding this category A-listed ship."


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