Central School field trip-goers view shipwreck

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Back in 1746, the famous HMS Somerset was built in England to be a British Man of War ship. It wrecked off the cost of Truro Nov. 2, 1778. Back in 1775, ‘’hardly a man is now alive that still remembers’’ the British warship floating off of the Charlestown shore.

But on April 20, 2010, the Truro Central School 5th grade class went to Race Point Beach in Provincetown and hiked about two miles into Truro to see the remnants of the wreck of that same British warship.

With the crashing waves and the beautiful blue skies, we made it just in time for low tide and saw the ribs sticking out of the sand. The remains were beautiful.

After braving the white, explosive waves to take some pictures, we all emerged with frozen toes. It was absolutely amazing to touch an important part of history, to feel something that people sailed on 232 years ago.

It was astonishing to know that the ship that we touched was the same ship that Paul Revere rowed past in a small rowboat on his fateful midnight ride.

Our visit also just happened to be the day after that famous day- April 19- what we now know as Patriot’s Day.




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