Three great underwater destinations in Malta

Blue lagoon at Camino island

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An avid scuba diver looking for a unique diving experience this summer need not look further than Malta.

Not only does this Mediterranean paradise offer beautiful azure waters for crystal clear visibility, warm oceans and mild currents, but also boasts a large selection of shipwreck diving all easily accessible from the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Take a dive below to learn about what Malta has to offer in terms of its superb shipwreck diving.

First of all, Malta in general sports beautiful conditions for diving with it balmy weather and clear waters. What’s more, Malta peters on the border of a continental shelf and thus its shores shelve away rapidly, meaning that many diving spots are located close to the shore.

Furthermore the islands permanently have a sheltered side, making shipwreck diving possible all through your Malta or Gozo holiday no matter the direction of the wind. Although Malta can be dived throughout the year, the best time to visit is from April to October, although the oppressive summer heat from July to August must also be considered.

Here is a selection of three best shipwreck dives in Malta. Because of Malta’s significant role in World War II, acting as a midway mark between Europe and Northern Africa, the island suffered severe damage from bombings.

It is a little known fact that more bombs were dropped in Malta than in Birmingham during the war, and it is from this tragedy that shipwreck divers today can enjoy such an array of shipwrecks.

Thus there are many historical shipwreck dives around the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino that simply cannot be missed on your shipwreck diving holiday.

First on the itinerary is the HMS Maori, the ship that helped sink the infamous German battleship Bismarck. The HMS Maori, a tribal class destroyer, hit the ocean floor in Malta’s Grand Harbour in 1942.

What’s great about the HMS Maori is that even novice shipwreck divers can enjoy its atmospheric views at a comparatively shallow depth of only 14 metres.

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