Discovery of lost WWII navy submarine brings 70 US. families closure


From Salem News


The sub was found a mile down, resting on the slope of an underwater volcano 12 miles north of Kiska Island at the western tip of Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

Three brothers who worked tirelessly to locate the missing WWII submarine that contains the remains of their father, had a significant breakthrough with the location of the missing U.S. Navy Grunion.

Sometimes, thanks largely in part to today's technology, the most amazing and elusive mysteries are solved.

This spectacular find off the tip of the Aleutian Chain brings closure to over 70 American families who lost someone aboard the Grunion when it was lost August 16th, 1942.

NBC's Bob Dotson presented the story in a way that only he can; it is published below.

He explains that Lt. Cmdr. Jim Abele was the commander the Navy USS Grunion that disappeared off the coast of Alaska during World War II.



Alaska submarine

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