Salvage activity to be filmed in Gulf of Mexico

By Kevin Lollar


A group of modern-day explorers is preparing to search the Gulf of Mexico for underwater wreck sites of historical value - they also hope to have a documentary about their 2008 adventures ready by the end of the year.

Last year, Tim Wicburg, Brian Ulman, Tom O'Brien and Jon "Hammerhead" Hazelbaker TBT&J (which stands for Tim, Brian, Tom and Jon) launched an expedition to find a pile of gold bullion.

They ended up solving a 66-year-old mystery and created Underwater Historical Explorations to continue their work.

TBT&J's journey actually began Nov. 16, 1942, when a B-26 Marauder flying a training mission out of Fort Myers Army Airbase (now known as Page Field) crashed 30 miles south of the Sanibel Lighthouse.

Search teams recovered the bodies of the pilot and co-pilot; the other four crew members were never found.


Gulf of Mexico

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