Shipwreck excavation begins

Initial examinations of the shipwreck are done, and excavations will begin Monday 
Photo Helen Kristmanson

From CBC News

P.E.I.'s provincial archeologist is starting an excavation of the remains of a ship found near Poxy Island, near Georgetown.

The ship was found on the beach last week by a Georgetown couple.

Most of it is buried in the sand. Archeologist Helen Kristmanson has been examining it, and sent pictures to Maritime ship expert Marvin Moore.

"He's seen a lot of these ships. Based on the photographs, he gave a very preliminary interpretation of the wreck as a 19th century vessel," said Kristmanson.

"The ship has collapsed, so the sides have collapsed down, so it's flat on the ground.

There's a lot of wooden planks and some metal hardware. Really, what we'll be looking at is trying to get a feel for what the dimensions of the timbers were, types of fastener, the species of wood."

Kristmanson said the vessel could be P.E.I.-made. It could have wrecked and drifted into the beach, but it is also possible it was simply tied up and left to rot.

The excavation will begin Monday with a crew of students and volunteers, and will last a few days


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