Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria looted ?

Santa Maria ?
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An explorer who believes he’s found the wreckage of Christopher Columbus’s flagship, the Santa Maria, off the coast of Haiti said Wednesday that the vessel has been looted and needs to be excavated immediately.

“I think this is an emergency situation,” explorer Barry Clifford said. “I think the ship needs to be excavated as quick as possible and then conserved and then displayed to the world.”

Clifford was at the Explorers Club in New York to show photos and video of what he said was a pile of ballast stones from the wreckage.

“I think the evidence is overwhelming that this ship is most probably the Santa Maria,” he said.

If the wreckage Clifford has found is the Santa Maria, it would be the oldest known European shipwreck in the so-called New World.

But scientists say it’s far too early to make any such declaration.

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Santa Maria ?

Christopher Columbus Barry Clifford

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