Treasure hunter finds ancient pistols in Dominican waters

From Dominican Today

Hispaniola Ventures, LLC and its funding partner Marine Exploration, Inc. have resumed exploration activities in their contract area off of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Having suspended operations during the hurricane season, their exploration/salvage vessel R/V Hispaniola is active once again.

During the first week of magnetometer surveys, three new shipwreck sites have been discovered and proofing excavations are being performed in order to determine dating periods and probable nationality.

While performing underwater metal detector anomaly identification dives, a coral encrusted pair of 18th Century flintlock pistols were discovered fused together, muzzle to grip and grip to muzzle, indicating how they were stored in their carrying case.

The amazing discovery was made by Burt Webber’s son Kurt Webber.

Partial cleaning of the brass butt plates have revealed the unique facial images of “The Good” ---- “The Evil”. Webber’s consultation with marine archaeologists and specialists in colonial period weaponry has suggested that this is the first matched set (brace) of pistols ever found on a sunken shipwreck site anywhere in the world.

It is recommended by conservators that the pistols be professionally cleaned and preserved, remaining fused together thus producing a unique museum display piece.

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