Boneyard expedition set for September 2012


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Imagine navigating the Caribbean, scuba diving on lush coral reefs and picking up treasure that no one has touched for hundreds of years. Capt. Carl “Fizz” Fismer doesn't have to imagine.

As one of the last independent marine treasure hunters, this larger-than-life idealist and his dwindling posse of adventurers lead lives filled with mystique, intrigue and high-seas thrills.

But it's a lifestyle and passion that may soon disappear, relegated only to folk tales and legend as these champions of the sea find themselves increasingly mired in government regulations and the ever-present race against Time.

These salty dogs are the last of their kind, and they are quickly disappearing,” notes Director Karuna Eberl of Wandering Dog Films who has preserved many of their stories and adventures on tape.

Eberl is in the final stages of a crowdfunding campaign to finish the documentary with a bang – a final expedition to a mysterious shipwreck known as “The Boneyard.”

“Crowdfunding brings together enthusiasts from around the world to be a part of this important documentary project with appeal to history buffs, scientists, adventurers and dreamers alike,” notes Eberl.

Supporters can fund the project with contributions between $1.00 to $20,000.00 with associated premium perks at each of the different funding levels, and additional incentives for businesses.

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