Captain Morgan's treasure discovered near Panama

Captain Morgan's ship

From Huffington Post

Arrrr... they be plunderin' Captain Morgan's treasures.

They, of course, being a team of U.S. archaeologists; plundering, as in conducting an underwater search; and Captain Morgan's treasures being the lost fleet of a 17th century Welshman, Captain Henry Morgan.

Yes, the very Captain Morgan who makes appearances at countless happy hours in the form of a spiced rum bearing his name -- which, conveniently, funded the ocean expedition.

CNN reports a team led by underwater archaeologist Fritz Hanselmann of the River Systems Institute and the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University has discovered swords, barrels and chests belonging to the real Captain Morgan off the coast of Panama.

Hanselmann explained why the rum-fueled exploits matter.

“We’re interested in telling the true story of Henry Morgan,” Hanselmann told Fox News. "Morgan was a legendary figure, even in his time.

He pretty much ran amuck in the Spanish main, culminating in the sack of Panama City. He sacked a city no one thought could be sacked."

Keep in mind, multinational alcohol purveyor Diageo, which produces Captain Morgan, sponsored the search for seafarer's booty. It also produced this video with correspondingly epic music.

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