Shipwreck may conceal 'Maracaibo' treasure


Cies Islands - Galicia, Spain

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Pedro Terrón, author of Kalitxi: The Lost City made the announcement during a hectic press conference alongside archaeologists and researchers.

Pedro Terrón, author of the Kalitxi saga about the shipwreck suffered by the Santo Cristo de Maracaibo boat in 1702, gave a press conference on Thursday in which he confirmed that the remains of a ship discovered in 2004 in the Vigo estuary are, with "99.9%" certainty, those of the Maracaibo wreckage.

The announcement came during a hectic press conference in which the author and his companions became involved in a debate with archaeologists and researchers over the possibility that the ruins were really those of the Santo Cristo de Maracaibo.

Luis Valero, who introduced himself as representative of the US company See Hunt, devoted to the rescue of sunken treasures, confirmed that, though it could only be 100% confirmed that the wreckage found was that of the Santo Cristo de Maracaibo once the authorities had given permission to carry out an evaluation, he was "99.9%" convinced that this was the case.

He confirmed that his company, See Hunt, had the necessary permission from the Ministry of Environment in order to investigate the area around the Cíes islands and stressed that on locating the wreckage, the "coordinates" of the discovery were communicated to the Ministry of Culture.

However, the Ministry of Culture has confirmed that to this day the heritage department still has received no official notification from the company about the discovery.


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