HMS Sussex: Spain cannot be allowed to get away with piracy says opposition

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According to a recent company report, Odyssey Marine Exploration has been unable to continue its work on the site of the shipwreck believed to be that of HMS Sussex because of interference from the Spanish Government and its agencies.

Central to this is the continuing dispute of the sovereignty over the waters around Gibraltar which Spain continues to claim as her own.

The Opposition has said it takes a very serious view of this latest development which comes at a time when the territorial waters of Gibraltar have been placed under the microscope by Spanish politicians as a consequence of the eastside project.

In its latest report into the work done on the site believed to be that of HMS Sussex, the company says that at present access “remains denied to Odyssey by the Spanish government despite the wreck’s location in international waters, as recognized by the UK Government.”

The company highlights the abrupt deterioration of relations with Spain and the “aggressive nature of the confrontation” which “required immediate action to ensure the health, safety and security of all staff aboard the Odyssey Explorer.”

It will be recalled that Spain subsequently arrested an Odyssey vessel after it exited Gibraltar’s three mile limit even though the vessel was in international waters at the time.

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