Dominican Government, sunken treasure hunters mum on deals

From Dominican Today

The salvage company Deep Blue Marine has been diving after wrecks for treasures, including the French Scipion, an 18th century ship that sank off the Dominican Republic northern coast, although the Caribbean nation’s government has kept mum on this operation and another similar venture by the company Marine Exploration.

Utah-based newspaper reports that Deep Blue Marine is bringing up cannons, guns, plates and other artifacts.

“That's what it does normally, look for treasure in the world's oceans. As with all treasure divers, we all hope to find gold and silver," said Allan Baird, Deep Blue Marine's project manager.

Baird, said the company based in Midvale, Utah will be splitting the booty from its current salvage operation with the Dominican Government, and taking some of the artifacts to make jewelry to sell to museums and collectors.

"We're getting ready to go on out with some of our things, including one of our huge, huge cannons that we have on site."

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