Divers find unexpected treasures in shipwreck off Dominican Republic


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A Florida based treasure hunting firm has discovered a 450-year-old ship that wrecked off the Dominican coast.

Among its valuable cargo -- the single largest cache of 16th century pewter tableware ever discovered.

The ship was also carrying extremely rare Spanish silver coins from the late 1400's through the mid 1500's and several gold artifacts.

This unprecedented find of 16th century pewter will re-write history books, as many of the maker's marks stamped into the fine pewter have never been seen before.

While the value of the gold and silver recovered is easily determined, surprisingly, experts place the value of this four and a half century old pewter collection into the millions. The collection includes plates, platters, porringers, salts and flagons in an array of sizes and styles.

Divers from Anchor Research and Salvage (a Global Marine Exploration, Inc. company) working with the Punta Cana Foundation painstakingly excavated the wreck site under contract with the Underwater Cultural Heritage division of the Dominican Minister of Culture.

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Florida Dominican Republic treasure shipwreck

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