Ancient civilisation is found under Kyrgyz lake

Kyrgyz lake

By Nikolai Lukashov

An international archaeological expedition to Lake Issyk Kul, high in the Kyrgyz mountains, proves the existence of an advanced civilisation 25 centuries ago, equal in development to the Hellenic civilisations of the northern coast of the Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea) and the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

The expedition resulted in sensational finds, including the discovery of major settlements, presently buried underwater.

The data and artifacts obtained, which are currently under study, apply the finishing touches to the many years of exploration in the lake, made by seven previous expeditions.

The addition of a previously unknown culture to the treasury of history extends the idea of the patterns and regularities of human development.

Kyrgyz historians, led by Vladimir Ploskikh, vice president of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences, worked side by side with Russian colleagues, lead by historian Svetlana Lukashova and myself.

All the Russians involved were experienced skin-divers and members of the Russian Confederation of Underwater Sports.

We were responsible for the work done under water.


ancient civilisation

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