World’s longest Viking shipwreck to be exhibited in Denmark

Viking wreck

From the Copenhagen Post

The National Museum in Copenhagen is set to unveil a major special exhibition called VIKING, highlighted by the display of the largest Viking shipwreck ever found.

The exhibition will be the largest on Vikings in 20 years, and will be cover the themes of war, expansion, power, aristocracy, rituals and beliefs, as well as cultural contacts and trade.

The 37-metre-long warship, which was found in Roskilde, could carry up to 100 warriors and is thought be have been part of the royal fleet of King Cnut the Great, who conquered England in 1016 and Norway in 1028.

In excess of 25 percent of the ship has been preserved and will be exhibited in a specially-constructed steel skeleton that will show the ship in its full size.

museum viking shipwreck

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