Tudor day at shipwreck museum wows crowds

From Hastings Observer

Visitors to the Shipwreck Museum were transported back in time several centuries as the attraction held a Tudor Discovery Day.

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth I and her two ladies in waiting, from Tudor re-enactment group Free Company, went on a royal walk about around the museum and held two “Audiences withs” during the day where she discussed her life, her father Henry VIII and the history of the Tudor era.

Young and old visitors alike received a lesson in royal etiquette from the formidable Tudor monarch.

The re-enactment group Free Company were able to set up their Tudor tents in the museum’s garden area behind the Primrose Barge.

Throughout the day they gave demonstrations of Tudor cooking, craft and Tudor surgery as well as talking about daily life.

In the afternoon they hosted an extravagant Tudor feast for Elizabeth I and her ladies in waiting.

The spread included whole roast salmon, roast pork in spiced wine, bread, cheese, meats, welsh cakes and Lombard cake (“lethe lumbarde”) with syrup.

Claire Eden, audience development manager at the Shipwreck Museum, said: “It was lots of fun and provided a hands-on learning experience that the visitors will hopefully never forget.

“It was also a brilliant event for our year-long 25th anniversary celebrations.”



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