Titanic exhibition helps to keep museum afloat

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The world’s most famous shipwreck is helping to keep Maryport’s Maritime Museum afloat.

More than 400 people visited a Titanic exhibition in the Lifeboat Inn, next to the Shipping Brow museum, on Sunday and Monday and around 60 adults and 45 children watched the only working steam model of the ship as it sailed on the Ellen River on Monday morning.

The exhibition was put together by Cliff Ismay, a descendant of Thomas Ismay, the Maryport-born founder of the White Star Line, which owned the Titanic.

Ismay’s son, Bruce, was the chairman of the White Star Line when the Titanic was launched and was one of those who survived its sinking.

Howard Nelson, of the Titanic Heritage Trust in Coventry, brought memorabilia from the blockbuster movie Titanic.

Mr Nelson also brought a book of remembrance for people to fill in, not only to mark the lives lost on the ship but also those whose continuing lives were affected by the tragedy.

On Sunday local sea cadets helped at the exhibition handing out ‘boarding passes’ to visitors.

Tony Johnston, of Scotton, brought his four-and-a-half-foot steam-powered model of the Titanic, which he said he built in two weeks out of sheer irritation.

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