Titanic letter and archive will 'go under' the hammer at Philip Weiss

The Snyder letter on RMS Titanic paper

From Paul Fraser Collectibles

John and Nelle Snyder survived the Titanic tragedy and held an archive of material including letters.

We've commented before on our blog about the unique allure of collectibles returned from the sea, and of course no greater draw than memorabilia connected with the more famous sinking of all time, RMS Titanic.

Now in their Transportation, Aviation, Maritime, Military & Posters, Philip Weiss Auctions is offering a range of Titanic memorabilia as a key part.

This is a part of the Maritime and Nautical Material section from the Bushnell Estate with Additions including an incredible Titanic archive directly from a family member of John & Nelle Pillsbury Snyder who were rescued when the Titanic sunk.

The archive includes a letter on Titanic stationary dated April 10, 1912, photos of the Snyders, another letter dated April 18th which tells of the confusion from news sources and the White Star Line at the time of the sinking.

"Here we are again both safe and sound" wrote John Snyder to his father, "I can only tell you that I have a mighty fine wife and she is the one you must thank - besides our Lord" and later "We were both asleep when the boat hit.

"... When we reached the top deck only a few people were about and we all were told to go down & put on our life belts"...

Then there is a group of original photos taken from the Carpathia showing lifeboats rowing towards the Carpathia and other original photos of what appears to be the Californian steaming towards the Carpathia.

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Titanic auction archives

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