Titanic unveiling on top of Angkor Wat

From International Business Times


What links the RMS Titanic and the Cambodian jungle temple of Angkor Wat ? Author Helen Churchill Candee survived the infamous maritime disaster to write Angkor the Magnificent, history's most captivating account of Southeast Asia's mysterious Khmer Empire.

Her book just reached new heights in Cambodia when publisher Kent Davis unveiled an expanded modern edition of her classic literally on top of Angkor Wat.

Balanced precariously atop a metal scaffold 20 stories above the Cambodian jungle, publisher Kent Davis unveiled Angkor the Magnificent, an expanded edition of Helen Churchill Candee's 1924 Asian travel classic featuring the first published biography of the 20th century adventuress.

"It's astounding to think of ancient Khmer stone masons experiencing this view 1,000 years ago.

This is the type of travel adventure Helen Churchill Candee lived for...her spirit is certainly here today !" said Davis at the top of the temple's central tower on a temporary metal framework erected for restoration of the complex pinecone-shaped structure.




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