Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum breaks tourist record

From Hurriyet Daily News

The Underwater Archaeology Museum, one of the most popular venues for tourists visiting the Aegean holiday resort town of Bodrum, receives plenty of visitors, even in winter. The museum will add two more rooms of underwater discoveries in the next few months.

Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum, known as the only underwater museum in Europe, attracts great attention from tourists even at the end of the tourist season.

The museum, visited by more than 300,000 people a year, has 13 display rooms where the world’s oldest sunken wrecks are exhibited. Two more display rooms will be added to the existing ones this year.

Featuring thousands of historical works of art, ship wrecks and artifacts including the treasures of Queen Nefertiti, the museum is a very important one for Turkey’s culture tourism industry.

Located in the harbor of the Aegean province of MuÄ�la’s popular holiday resort town of Bodrum, the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum was visited by 300,000 tourists in the first 10 months of the year, spending nearly 2 million Turkish liras.

The 2,400-year-old Carian Princess room and the room of 3,500-year-old Uluburun sunken ship, which is the world’s oldest surviving sunken ship, draws the greatest amount of interest from visitors. Among the other popular specimens are the Eastern Rome sunken room, Glass sunken room, Early Bronze Age sunken room, English Tower, German Tower, Turkish Bath, dungeon and amphorae.

The removal of the wrecks and artifacts from the water and their conservation are explained to visitors by experts via slide shows.

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