Want to find a wreck ?

Bell of the MalabarPhoto Western Australian Museum

By Raylene Bliss - Southern Courier

The NSW Government is encouraging anyone with an interest in shipwrecks and underwater heritage to join the successful Wreck Spotters program on its 10th anniversary.

Planning Minister Tony Kelly said the Wreck Spotters program allowed volunteers to work alongside marine archaeologists in identifying, mapping and promoting shipwreck sites.

“Shipwrecks tell us so many stories of the state’s rich maritime history - and in doing so provide a fascinating insight into our past,” Mr Kelly said.

“Some 1800 historic wrecks are known to lie in NSW coastal and inland waters, but to date only around 175 have been located and recorded.

“That’s a lot of shipwrecks out there waiting to be discovered and this program has a key role in the ongoing search for these intriguing and unique heritage items.”

Anyone interested in joining the Wreck Spotters program should contact Heritage Branch maritime archaeologist Sarah Ward on 9873 8533 or visit maritime.heritage.nsw.gov.au


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