Service to honour shipwreck heroes

From Scarborough Evening News

A ceremony will be held today to mark the 150th anniversary of one of Scarborough’s most famous shipwrecks.

Five volunteers died during the rescue attempt of the Coupland on November 2 1861 – including Lord Charles Beauclerk, who was swept to his death in the icy waters after he leapt into the north sea in a desperate attempt to save the crew of Scarborough’s first RNLI lifeboat, Amelia.

Now, a century-and-a-half later, the nobleman is set to be honoured by his descendants when his decaying pauper’s grave is replaced with a new headstone in recognition of his bravery.

His great grandson, John Beauclerk, is travelling to Scarborough to lay a wreath to all five men in remembrance of the anniversary, and the plaque will be revealed as part of a special programme of events, hosted by the RNLI, which will mark the anniversary.

John Porter, a spokesman for Scarborough Lifeboat, said: “Scarborough has had many tragedies at sea over the years, with lifeboat crew being lost on several occasions. Each year we hold a memorial service at St Mary’s Church to commemorate the men who have given the ultimate sacrifice and it’s fitting that on the 150th anniversary of the death of Lord Beauclerk that his courageous actions are remembered in this way.”

The Coupland was trying to enter Scarborough harbour when her sails were disabled and she was forced onto rocks, leading to the death of five volunteers during the rescue attempt when the vessel struck the lifeboat.



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