Bugatti car that spent 70 years under water could fetch # 80k at auction!

From Sify News

A rare Bugatti that lay at the bottom of a lake for 73 years is set to fetch over 80,000 pounds at auction-the price of a brand new luxury motor.

The legendary car was dumped in the water in 1936 by a frustrated Swiss official because the owner had abandoned it without paying the import tax. The value of the car was less than the money owed and the customs officer was compelled to destroy it.

Thus, he drove it over the Italian border to nearby Lake Maggiore - and pushed it into the deep waters. The story became part of folklore in the nearby town of Ascona as locals debated whether the car actually existed.

After 30 years, the truth emerged after a keen diver rediscovered the Bugatti lying on its side 160 feet down at the bottom of the lake. Since then, members of the local diving club regularly visited it and last year decided to raise it and sell it for a local charity.

Surprisingly, there was still air in the tyres and traces of the original Bugatti blue paint on the bodywork. It is believed that 20 per cent of the vehicle is salvageable and collectors and museums are likely to be keen to buy it.



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  • Luxury car news
    • 1. Luxury car news On 16/08/2011
    But what is the use of that car and why the price is so increased as the car is under water for the 73 years the rust will damage all the car. Instead buy the new car and live happily.
  • commercial trucks
    • 2. commercial trucks On 02/09/2011
    Since it has been for 30 years under the water, by that car there would be no use.

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