University of Haifa opens unique School of Marine Sciences

By Meira Faratci

The University of Haifa has inaugurated the Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences, the first in the world to integrate research in marine biology, marine geophysics, marine and coastal history, and marine civilization.

The establishment of the school on Tuesday was made possible by an $8 million donation from the chairman of the university's board of governors, Leon Charney. Marine biology studies at the school will include research on micro-organisms, algae, and marine animal behavior conducted in the bodies of water surrounding Israel.

The marine geophysics department will investigate how to best utilize the country's 300 kilometers of coastline.

An exploration of the archaeological and geological aspects of Israel's oceans and rivers will be conducted by the department of marine and coastal history.

Most unique to the university, the department of marine civilization will focus on the sociological influences of marine environments on the societies which they surround.



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