Forget scuba diving, personal deep-sea sub set to bring you to ocean floor

By Adam Mills - Examiner

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive deep into the ocean and explore depths that you never thought possible ?

Or maybe you imagined what it would be like to go deeper when you were out scuba diving ? Well, if you have, or even if you are just an ocean or aquatic life enthusiast, today might be your lucky day.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon was unveiled Wednesday in San Francisco, a fully submersible vessel that can dive to depths as far as 1,000 feet underwater with two crew members on board.

Part plane, part submarine, and completely revolutionary, the Deep Flight Super Falcon, created by Hawkes Ocean Technologies, is an attempt to get normal people out into parts of the ocean only scientists, engineers and the military have touched.

Prior to this, only five other deep sea submersible’s existed in the world, all of which are owned by government entities. What is so exciting about this invention is that instead of needing a ton of time to get into the water, the Deep Flight Super Falcon can be launched virtually anywhere, without the need for a mother ship.

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