The "Titanic" in Milwaukee

By Chris McNamara

Our Titanic trip wasn't as grand as the one 2,228 passengers and crew embarked on in April 1912, leaving from Southampton, England, en route to New York City aboard a floating modern marvel.

But then, in this economy, a quick trip to the recently opened "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition" at the Milwaukee Public Museum made more sense than the modern equivalent of $86,000 that first-class passengers paid on Titanic. 

And our voyage ended much more pleasantly than theirs. 

Before we entered the exhibit, we realized that there were a lot of bikers in the museum. Meaning no insult, but one biker is a lot for most museums I've toured, and here there were plenty of leather-clad guys and their old ladies, just as there were throughout Milwaukee, home of Harley-Davidson.

A Harley convention ? Nope. They had likely come to town to tour another museum—the Harley-Davidson Museum.


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