Leading mission to map the Titanic

Oceanographer David Gallo

By Sheradyn Holderhead - Adelaide Now


Oceanographer David Gallo still can't believe he is leading a team of researchers to map the Titanic in its watery grave.

Dr Gallo, who was in Adelaide this week, thought the story about the discovery of the ill-fated liner in 1980 would "die down almost immediately" so he stayed away from it.

But last August, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution special projects director led a team on a 20-day expedition to the shipwreck. It was billed as the most scientific mission to the site.

"This past summer, I found myself as expedition leader on an expedition to Titanic with the goal for the first time of making a map, starting to treat it as an archaeological site," Dr Gallo said, speaking at the Australian International Documentary Conference.

"Everything up until that point . . . was pretty much designed in terms of the documentary world to capture the highlights of the bow, the bridge, one or two artefacts. It was always the same path. It was almost like a Disneyland ride - the bow, the bridge; no one had ever treated it as an archaeological site."


Titanic UK museum

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