The top 5 most expensive items of Titanic memorabilia

The set of Titanic Crow's Nest keys

From Paul Fraser Collectibles

April 15 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The tragedy, in which 1,522 people lost their lives, has remained a powerful part of our cultural fabric through films, books and television shows ever since.

The market for historic Titanic memorabilia goes from strength to strength each year, and 2012 has recently seen numerous relics and artefacts sold at auction.

Here we present a list of the five most expensive items ever sold.

5) Master key for cabins E1-E42

Edmund Stone was a First Class Steward on the Titanic, responsible for cabins E1 - E42. He lost his life in the disaster, but his memory lived on through the artefacts recovered from his body which were sent to his widow in Southampton.

This collection of his personal affects was sold at auction in October 2008 through the U.K auction house Henry Aldridge and Son, specialists in Titanic memorabilia.

His set of master keys for cabins E1 - E42 was purchased by a U.S collector for a price of £84,000.

4) Last Titanic Lunch Menu

In April 2012, a First-Class menu from the last lunch ever served on the Titanic was sold by Henry Aldridge and Son.

The menu illustrated the luxury of the liner, offering 40 different options for the sitting. It survived in the handbag of Ruth Dodge, a First-Class passenger and wife of the prominent San Francisco banker Dr Washington Dodge, who survived the tragedy along with her son.

Menus from the Titanic have proven highly popular with collectors and this example was particularly prized, as it bore the fateful date 'April 14'.

It was sold for a record price of £76,000.

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