Wreck gives up historic bounty

The Brinawarr wreck

By Fallon Hudson - Daily Mercury

It has been almost a year since the remains of the shipwreck Brinawarr were discovered during construction of the Forgan Bridge replacement project.

At the time construction was stopped to investigate the wreckage that has lain under the waters of the Pioneer River since it sank on the northern side during the 1918 cyclone.

Like most shipwrecks the Brinawarr had its fair share of bounty.

In fact, a compass and ornate brass dragons were salvaged from the ship. At present the items, such as the dragons, a conglomerate of wood, and metal, including a letter W, are being restored at the Maritime Museum in Townsville.

A Main Roads spokesperson said there were no plans to relocate the wreck of the Brinawarr. Mackay Historical Society president Syd Norman said the Mackay Museum was looking forward to the relics being returned to Mackay once restored.

Mr Norman was at the site when marine archaeologists discovered parts of the ship and a number of personal items on the ship.



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