Back-up sonar gets Centaur hunters back on track

From Brisbane Times

Shipwreck hunters are using a back-up sonar to search for the sunken hospital ship Centaur after a mishap on Friday. Search director David Mearns said the 'disturbing' loss of the SM30 sonar towfish has forced them to use reserve equipment.

They resumed their search for the Centaur with an AMS60 sonar which produces higher resolution images.

"In simple terms we will be able to "see" the targets better with the AMS60 and thus have a better idea whether the targets are man-made or geology," he has written on his blog.

"So while the loss of the SM30 was very unfortunate the AMS60 is the best option for this next phase of the search."

Mr Mearns said searchers had been able to eliminate possible `targets' and were focussing on an already identified target with similarities to the Centaur.

"The target has the right approximate shape and size for the wreck of Centaur and importantly we could now see an acoustic shadow behind the target whereas in the original image there was none," he wrote.


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