Government rescues Centaur memorial bid


By Christine Kellett - Brisbane Times

The Federal Government has given special permission to survivors and relatives of the 1943 Centaur naval disaster to fix a memorial plaque on the shipwreck after mud spoiled plans for a legal commemoration.

The 66-year-old shipwreck, which remained a mystery until last month when it was found two kilometers below the surface in waters off Moreton Island, is protected as a war grave under the Commonwealth Historic Shipwrecks Act, meaning it cannot be touched or tampered with.

A trial to place a bronze plaque beside the wreck to commemorate the 268 lives lost to the tragedy failed when it sunk in deep mud on the sea bed.

Ian Hudson, of the 2/3 AHS Centaur Association, told the Commonwealth had this afternoon granted special dispensation to the group to fix a plaque to the wreck itself.


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