Ship salvaged from Red River

From VNS

Archaeologists believe that a sunken ship salvaged last week from under the Hong (Red) River between Hung Yen Province and Ha Noi belonged to 19th century Chinese merchants.

Among the objects recovered from the wreck was cu nau, a substance used centuries ago for colouring cloth.

"The cu nau had not yet dissolved but was fossilised," Pham Trung Hieu, curator of the Hung Yen Province Museum, said.

A wooden trunk, a porcelain statue of the Goddess of Mercy, three bowls, and some dishes, all made in China in the 18th century, were among the other objects found.

"The word Jiangnan, the name of a province in China, is painted on the trunk," Hieu said. From the shape of the 27m long wooden vessel and its equipment, archaeologists place it in the 19th century and believe it was powered by coal.



Vietnam wreck

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