Archeologists uncover shipwreck remains in Portugal

From The Maritime Executive

A group of archeologists work to try and locate the remains of a shipwreck from the Roman period, among other potentials finds, in the Arade River in Portimão, as part of an underwater archeological operation that began on Wednesday.

The two-week fieldwork will comprise an initial phase of visual study and data recording. It will include photographs, drawings, and the excavation of artifacts that may be found on the surface.

It is said that one of the areas may have been the location of a shipwreck during Roman times, due to the finding of ceramic vases called amphora. This can only be confirmed with excavations that may take up to a year.

If confirmed, the area may become part of a tourist diving route.

This will appeal more visitors to Portimão. The archeologists at the site are directors of a archeological campaign supported by the Sea History Centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences from Lisbon’s Nova University.

Apart from the area, the archeologists will dive in other sections of the river where the remnants of five iron cannons and ammunition were found. Bronze weapon artifacts from the 17th and 18th centuries were also discovered.

Another area to be explored seems to have the somewhat buried remains of a large wooden ship from the same time period. 

The crew of archaeologists, supported by technicians from Portimão museum and volunteers from a diving center, aim to carry out two dives per day.

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