Treasure hunters getting closer

By John Bachman - CBS 12 News

The calm seas we enjoy during these summer months means it's prime time treasure hunting season right off our local beaches. They don't call it the treasure cost for nothing.

The sandy sea bottom right off South Florida's coast holds untold riches.

And Captain Doug Pope of Amelia research and recovery is taking us out to his ship the Polly-L. Pope and his crew are getting close to finding what some would consider the holy grail of ship wrecks. The San Miguel Archangel, because of it's great historical significance.

"This shipwreck sank in 1569, the inlet is man made so we don't know whether it was dug up when the inlet was made, whether it's on the beach or whether it's in deep water," said archeologist.

That's Archeologist Scott Jensen has been looking for it for years. He let us follow him and his underwater metal detector. Around as he continues his quest for coins, ballast stones, and what ever's left of 17th century ship wreck. Under the watchful eyes of curious baracudas.

"Every time I jump in a hole it's like opening a birthday present because you don't know what you are going to find," said Jensen.



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