Treasure hunter Capt Carl Fismer brings new discoveries

From Cannon Beach Gazette 

Ever wondered what it's like to hold genuine "pieces of eight" that were just recovered from a long lost Spanish galleon in Florida ? Curious Cannon Beachers can do just that at the Cannon Beach Treasure Company June 16 to 20, and they'll also get a chance to visit with veteran treasure hunter Capt. Carl "Fizz" Fismer, the man who discovered them.

Fismer is the president of Spanish Main Treasure Company, and he has been a

professional treasure hunter for 43 years. Proprietors Robert and April Knecht promise visitors plenty of treasure talk and the unveiling of a few new discoveries fresh from the famous 1715 Fleet shipwreck, located off the coast of Vero Beach, Fla.

"I started diving with Fizz over 20 years ago documenting his discoveries and treasure hunting with him," said Knecht, who lived and dived in the Florida Keys for almost two decades. "I've made over 900 dives, and many of them have been with Carl."

Fismer is an expert in shipwreck and artifact identification and he has explored, salvaged and consulted on nearly 300 shipwrecks in the Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and the Southeast United States.

In that time, he has made thousands of dives in six countries and has recovered more than $10 million in sunken treasure. He has served as curator of several maritime museums, and he's been featured on the covers of numerous treasure magazines. He's also the star of the Australian TV series "Treasure Divers" and has appeared as a shipwreck artifact expert on the TV show "Pawn Stars."

The Knechts invite one and all to hear the Captain spin treasure-hunting tales and perhaps grab an autograph. The Cannon Beach Treasure Company will host a "Coffee with the Captain" event each morning around 10 a.m. Rumor has it the Captain will also be out on the town enjoying adult beverages at the Lumberyard and Bill's Tavern after hours, and he'll be looking for some good company.



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