The legendary shipwreck that claimed life of 18th-century's 'Marilyn Monroe'

The NancyThe Nancy

From Daily Mail Reporter

A legendary British shipwreck shrouded in mystery and tales of treasure and tragedy for over 200 years has been discovered by a couple of divers.

Treasure hunters, tempests and an infamous beauty all surround the story of the Nancy, who was dashed to smithereens one stormy night in February 1784. When the ship crashed into the jagged Western rocks of the Isles of Scilly it took with it British opera diva Ann Cargill.

The silken-voiced maiden's life and death were a sensation in London at the close of the 18th Century her beauty and scandalous behaviour were renowned - she was the Marilyn Monroe of her day.

When the Nancy was wrecked at Scilly, a fortune said to be 'beyond the dreams of avarice' was also sent to the bottom of the sea.

For centuries, the remains of the ship eluded successive expeditions as divers sought to find the sunken treasure.

But thanks to a mixture of shrewd detective work and skilful diving, Scilly residents Todd Stevens and Ed Cumming have finally discovered the wreck of The Nancy.

The ship was destined for London from India and had 49 people on board, but its most famous passenger was the notorious actress and opera singer.



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