Diver finds priceless ancient jewellery

By Fiona Magennis


A local diver has found a priceless piece of ancient silver jewelry whilst taking part in a search for a missing person.

Pat Treanor a member of the Boyne Fishermans Rescue and Recovery Service (BFRRS) found what is believed to be a Viking artefact dating back up to 2,000 years during a search of the River Lee.

It is currently being examined by the National Museum of Ireland but is believed to be at least 1,500 years old.

The piece, which is circular with a bulbous end and is thought to be either a bracelet or brooch, was found on the river bed sitting on top of stones in ten feet of water.

He originally thought the silver trinket, which was discoloured and blackened, was an ordinary piece of women's jewellery.




Ireland wreck

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