Shipwreck exhibit at Baldwin County Heritage museum

By Chad Petri

From dishes, to deities, hundreds of pieces of post civil war life went down with the SS Republic in 1865.

If you're building a civilization you are starting with things that are necessary for religion, for school, for doctors and pharmaceuticals, for household goods,” says education director of the Baldwin County Heritage Museum Becky Holliday.

The republic was running supplies to help the war-ravaged south when it sank in a hurricane off the coast of Georgia.

When you consider bailing with buckets when you consider the size of the ship, captain young's story is another thing that's fascinating to me because it's heroic,” says Holliday.

The exhibit is thanks in large part to the efforts of the marine exploration company Odyssey.

Their massive robotic ship Zeus carefully pulled hundreds of treasures from the deep.

This is the first time the Republic's artifacts have been on display without another Odyssey expedition.

Holliday says the Republic has a special place here.


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